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A little bit about Alhestar

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Alhestar is a family run business in a small fishing village in Þórlákshöfn, south Iceland just 30 km from Reykjavik. The owner is Magnús Margeirsson – the man from Skagafjörður.
Magnús was born and raised in Skagafjörður and so were his horses. Skagafjörður horses are said to be the toughest as well as the softest, and so are their people. Magnús has been working with horses since his young years and although he worked on fishing vessels for thirty years, he is absolutely passionate about his horses. You will immediately feel their close relationship when you enter the clean and bright stable and pet his friendly companions for the first time. All of them are suitable, soft and calm for beginners but he also offers horses for experienced riders.
Magnús’ stable is not a posh one, but a very honest and authentic place. Safety always comes first. You will be equipped with a helmet and, if you like, a vest and he will personally join you during your first steps on your Icelandic horse to help you feel comfortable. After a short instruction how to handle the horse we will take you outside to enjoy the icelandic nature.
Alhestar offers personal tours for families and small groups who could really enjoy the Icelandic nature while riding.

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Why Choose Us

Personal Tours

We offer personal tours which are ideal for families and small groups.

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We provide all equipment

We have everything you need for the tour. Helmets, rainwear, boots and safety vests.

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We offer pickups upon request along with snacks in our longer tours.

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Years of Experience

Amazing Tours

Happy Customers


What Customers Say

  • ,,I took the beach tour which was the peak of my trip to Iceland. A very beautiful experience, looking at the Icelandic nature in all its glory. Simply fantastic.“
    Phil Stevens
    Beach Tour
  • ,,We had an amazing time and highly recommend Magnus…he is a wonderful guide, loves his horses, and is generous with novice riders.“
    Stefani Izquierdo
    Midnight Tour
  • ,,It was amazing to get out of the city life for a bit and just zone out. I would recommend this to everyone who’d like to experience something new in Iceland.“
    Zhao Ming
    Beach Tour